Laura Mansfield

Managing Director

Laura co-founded Outline Productions with business partner Helen Veale in 1999. As managing director she is responsible for Outline’s strategic direction, as well as the overall running of the company, the international distribution of Outline’s finished shows and formats and the commercial exploitation of Outline’s IP.

Laura has developed and executive produced a broad range of successful and award-winning programmes at Outline, which have not only achieved success in the UK, but broadcast to multiple international territories including Born On The Same Day (Channel 4), Posh Neighbours at War (Channel 4), Show Me Your Garden (Sky1), Million Dollar Intern (BBC Worldwide), Emergency with Angela Griffin (Sky1), Go Greek for a Week (Channel 4), Fat Families (Sky 1), House of Tiny Tearaways (4 series/ BBC 3), House of Tiny Terrors (TLC) and Guinness World Records Smashed (Sky1), and has attracted major talent to work with the company across the range of its output.

Laura was elected to Pact Council in 2012 and served as chair from 2015 to 2017, representing some 450 independent television production companies in the UK. She regularly acts as mentor to others in the industry, and regularly contributes to panels in the UK and abroad.

Laura began her TV career at BBC Manchester on Youth and Entertainment series Reportage. Prior to starting Outline she was a producer on leading prime time entertainment shows including Eurotrash and The Clive James Show, and lifestyle series like The Travel Show.