UK’s Best Place To Live

Channel - Channel 4 Episodes - 1x60" Year - 2017

Sarah Beeny reveals where the Best Place is to Live in the UK

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Property guru Sarah Beeny is using the latest data to find out where is the Best Place to Live in the UK.  Travelling round the country and working with leading statistics experts, Sarah’s pulled together a detailed and surprising picture of the UK.

Each year close to a million people in their 20s move around the UK, so her aim is to help this age group think differently about where they could live.

She’ll travel across the country, and check out a shortlist of wonderful places to live in Britain. The best places aren’t necessary the quintessential chocolate box villages, but where you have the greatest chance to forge a new life.

Which city, town or village could be right for those who struggle to get on the property ladder or find a job near them? Sarah wants to help us think differently about where might be best for us.   From the Londoners who can only dream of buying a flat, to the graduates who can’t get a job near them, a couple hoping to get on the property ladder, and parents of pre-school children who need affordable childcare – they will sample life in a totally new place.

Over the hour, amongst other areas, we’ll visit Belfast, which ranks top in the UK for wellbeing, Bristol, fast becoming a major hub for young entrepreneurs, Edinburgh which boasts high levels of disposable income, Cumbria, where England’s most affordable homes are to be found, Manchester which leads for transport and culture and Sheffield, where 94% of the population have easy access to parks and green spaces before revealing where’s best overall.

From affordable housing, jobs, business, wellbeing, and culture to transport and family life. This Best Place to Live list looks at the range of factors and practical decisions which will most affect our quality of life now and in the future.

Sarah says; ‘I’ve worked in property all my life and I’ve learned that it’s not just about pretty high streets and well decorated interiors.  To find the right place to live, what’s essential is planning, planning, planning.  Instinct alone is never enough – because often, what we think we know about a place simply isn’t true.’

Best Place to Live will show that despite the possibility of a predicted downturn, there are real opportunities in the UK. And instead of feeling trapped – re-locating could help people build a new life and a bright new future.