“Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

Channel - BBC Two Episodes - 6 x 30" Year - 2014


Distributed By - Hat Trick International

In this new six part series for BBC2, 2 star Michelin chef Tom Kerridge wants to show us how to cook the best ever versions of the kind of food we all love to eat.  He’ll be turning ordinary every day dishes  into extraordinary ones which will taste better than any version you’ve tried before.

Many of the dishes will be familiar favourites like lasagne, ham and mushroom pie, chicken kiev, hamburgers, tomato soup, treacle tart or pineapple upside down cake but each one has been given a unique Tom twist.  He wants to share a few of his tricks that take these dishes to another level.  For Tom the difference between a good dish and a great dish is all down to flavour and he wants to show us how to pack our food full of it.  It might be surprising ingredients you’ve never tried in your favourite dish or simple tips on how to get the most out of those ingredients that will make all the difference.  Tom has been cooking at the highest level for years and his knowledge and insight can transform the way we cook at home.

In each episode Tom will be cooking 5 mouth-watering dishes including mains, sides and desserts ranging from roasts to salads, classic puddings, tarts and pies.  The show will be packed full of dishes you’ll want to serve time and time again. He will be out and about meeting characters who are striving to do their best ever version of a dish, whether at a South London barbecue joint or a Malaysian themed supper club. He wants to discover some of the secrets behind their amazing food so he can use some of these discoveries in his own dishes to make them even better.

He’ll also be serving up one of his best ever dishes to a hungry crowd to see what they make of his take on an old favourite.  From his real ham hamburgers fried up trackside at the dogs, to his pineapple upside down cake served up for lunch at his old school, he is keen to find out if they think his version is the best they’ve ever tasted.