The Smiths: Hotels for Two, by Outline Productions

The Smiths: Hotels for Two

Channel - Discovery Living Episodes - 5 x 30" Year - 2006

A search for the most stylish boutique hotels in the world with the creators of the ultra cool "Mr & Mrs Smith" travel guides.

Distributed By - n/a

Stylish and aspirational, The Smiths: Hotels for Two is a travel series that brings the over night publishing phenomenon of the Mr and Mrs Smith brand to TV. The Mr and Mrs Smith travel guides have become the essential tool for design-conscious urban-hipsters planning a weekend away.

Andrew Grahame and Juliet Kinsman, the team behind Mr and Mrs Smith, will take you on a journey to some for the coolest hangouts on the planet, giving you the ultimate inside-track on the best places to stay and just what the real insiders do when they get there. This is the ultimate in designer travel experience – and Judith Chalmers definitely isn’t invited.

First transmitted in 2006.