The Secret Tourist by Outline Productions

The Secret Tourist

Channel - BBC One Episodes - 4 x 60" Year - 2010

Matt Allwright and his team checks-in to present The Secret Tourist for BBC One - They have the holiday from hell, so you don't have to.

Distributed By - DCD Media

Presented by Matt Allwright, The Secret Tourist is a new consumer travel show for BBC One and sees Matt travel to some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations to expose the worst of the tourist industry.

The series will use the experiences of aggrieved British holidaymakers to identify failing resorts and hotels abroad. Each week a real family of holidaymakers is sent undercover to investigate these complaints and report on the conditions they find. They are joined by Environmental Health expert Lisa Ackerley who assesses the hotels hygiene and safety standards. She also covertly gathers samples swimming pool water and food and has these analysed in a lab.

Armed with these results Matt Allwright confronts the hotel management with the findings. Will they clean up their act?

Interwoven with the unfolding story of the undercover family, other strands highlight the potential pitfalls that await the unwary traveller. Falling victim to a con or rip-off is one of peoples’ biggest concerns when they venture abroad and these cons are becoming ever more prevalent and sophisticated.

To help prevent tourists from becoming their latest targets, The Secret Tourist recreates some of these situations and reveals the techniques behind them to show just how easy it is to get unsuspecting holidaymakers to part with their cash.

In addition, reporter Carole Machin investigates what can and does go wrong on holiday. With accidents abroad on the increase the series reveals some of the potential dangers and how to avoid them. From illegally hired jet bikes and dodgy moped hire firms to dubious medical clinics, Carole will carry out a survey and gather covert evidence of malpractice and confront those responsible with the evidence.

Episode 1 – Thursday 29th July 2010, 9pm on BBC One
Matt Allwright re-creates popular scams on unsuspecting tourists abroad. He demonstrates a hotel room theft and a fake day trip con. Plus a family of Secret Tourists investigate a typical package holiday. The Woods family from Dunstable travel to the Dominican Republic. With help from hygiene expert Lisa Ackerley, the secret tourists make some shocking revelations about the health, hygiene and safety at the resort which could risk lives and close down the hotel. Matt turns up to confront the resort manager. Carole Machin investigates doctors on the Spanish island of Tenerife after reports of over-treating and over-charging tourists. Will the healthy undercover reporter be given expensive and unnecessary treatment when she pays a visist?

Episode 2 – Wednesday 3rd August 2010, 9pm on BBC One
In this programme Matt demonstrates how con artists can operate as fake concierges to steal bags and the tricks some restaurants use to create extra charges. A family of Secret Tourists investigate a typical package holiday as the Whiting family from Norfolk travel to Turkey to investigate a four star hotel. Carole Machin is in Thailand to investigate why so many British tourists have accidents on scooters.

Episode 3 – Wednesday 11th August 2010, 9pm on BBC One
In this episode, Matt demonstrates how tourists can fall for the scenic taxi route and why passports mean cash for con artists. The Murray family from Surrey travel to a hotel in Tunisia and find dirty rooms and fire hazards, while Carole Machin travels to the Spanish Island of Lanzarote to examine why swimming pools pose a danger for families on holiday

Episode 4 – Wednesday 18th August 2010, 9pm on BBC One
In the last programme of this series, Matt demonstrates how con artists distract tourists to steal a handbag and how your shopping could be substituted for inferior goods. Plus a family of Secret Tourists investigate a typical package holiday. The Barkass family from Newcastle go undercover in a 4-star hotel.