The House of Tiny Terrors, by Outline Productions

The House of Tiny Terrors

Channel - Discovery and TLC Episodes - 7 x 60" Year - 2006

This series sees Dr. Tanya Byron help three American families to overcome their problems in the specially designed house. Hosted by Karen Duffy.

Distributed By - Zodiak Rights

House of Tiny Terrors takes parenting television to a totally new dimension. Fusing reality TV with observational documentary, the show sets out to help parents solve their kids’ behavioral problems and, in the process, change their behaviors as well. Three families suffering from their child’s sleeping, eating or behavior issue have been invited to the House of Tiny Terrors, a purpose-built residence where they come to live and to learn the skills they need to turn their families’ lives around in just six days.

From the moment that the families move into the house, to the day they go home to try and put the new skills they’ve learnt into practice, they are monitored 24 hours a day under the watchful eye of resident psychologist, Dr. Tanya Byron. Two-way mirrors line the walls of the house, allowing Dr. Tanya to observe the families’ behavior unobtrusively. This access offers Dr. Tanya a remarkable insight into their psychology and helps her to create her plan of action in changing their parenting behavior.

First transmitted 2006.