The House of Tiny Tearaways

Channel - BBC Three Episodes - Details on main page Year - 2005 - 2007

Clinical psychologist Dr Tanya Byron throws open the doors of The House of Tiny Tearaways to families who can't take any more, whose kids scream, kick, swear, won't eat, won't sleep and generally drive their parents up the wall.

Distributed By - Zodiak

TV’s first ever toddler sanctuary is a place where parents at the end of their tether can retreat to along with their children aged one to eight. Dr Tanya works with the children, but most of all she works with their parents to get to the root cause of the problems and discover why their behaviour is as it is. With Tanya’s help and advice, will the families be able to solve problems they’ve never been able to crack before?

The families are in the house for six days from Sunday to Friday. It is a dramatic journey over the week: under Tanya’s watchful eye the families encounter different parenting approaches used by the other families in residence. Presenter Claudia Winkleman guides the audience through the daily events.

First transmitted 2005.

Series 1 (25 x 60′ & 20 x 30′), Series 2 (42 x 60′ & 35 x 30′) and Series 3 (25 x 60′ & 24 x 30′).

Nominated for two RTS Craft & Design Awards and one an RTS programme nomination.