The Big Experiment, by Outline Productions

The Big Experiment

Channel - Discovery Europe Episodes - 6 x 60" Year - 2006

Three of Britain's most passionate scientists have just six weeks to persuade nineteen disengaged teens that science can change their lives.

Distributed By - Discovery Networks International

Can Science change your life? Three of Britain’s most passionate scientists are about to find out as they swap academia for a failing school in East London. They have just six weeks to persuade nineteen disadvantaged and disengaged East London teens that Science can change the way they look at the world and their future.

Each programme takes the class on a journey of discovery through the basic building blocks of Science, ultimately building to one Big Experiment. Whether it’s facing the full force of a 400,000 volt lightning strike, taking a leap of faith with only Helium balloons to prevent them plunging to the ground or putting their lives on the line to test a polymer super glue – the kids will experience the world of Science in all its wonderful, sometimes shocking, glory.