The Baby Whisperer, by Outline Productions

The Baby Whisperer

Channel - Discovery Health Episodes - 15 x 30" Year - 2003

Best-selling author and "baby whisperer" Tracy Hogg returns to her native Britain to connect with troubled babies.

Distributed By - Elektric Sky

It is supposed that all new parents must give up not only their sleep but their entire lives for the first year of a baby’s life. “NOT TRUE” says Tracy Hogg, a nurse who after 20 years working with babies has been renamed “The Baby Whisperer” by celebrity parents Jodie Foster and Calista Flockhart. This astonishing series looks into the simple, accessible programmes that parents can begin as early as the first weeks of a baby’s life to ensure a healthier, happier baby.

After eight years spent in the US, Tracy visits her native Britain to help with fifteen different cases. Each programme centres on the behavioural, health condition or general well-being difficulties experienced by a baby or toddler and how this affects the rest of the family. The programmes, filmed in an observational style, essentially show Tracy working her “magic” as she calms babies in crisis and offers strategies such as a change of routine that will eventually eradicate the problem.

First transmitted 2003.