Sortitoutman, by Outline Productions


Channel - BBC Three Episodes - 12 x 30" Year - 2003

Factual entertainment series in which superhero Sortitoutman and his sidekick Dave return to keep up the fight against apathy and sort out problems.

Distributed By - n/a

Fed-up with dog poo in your park? Had enough of motorists speeding down suburban side streets and tearing through red lights? Sick and tired of bin men spilling rubbish all over your street? And can’t stand rude shop assistants, people peeing in the street and bus drivers who don’t stop? Then it’s time to call Sort-It-Out-Man.

Sort-It-Out-Man is here to do battle. Here to confront the culprits. And here to get an immediate solution for those daily irritants that drive you crazy, but you somehow never get round to writing a letter about, because you can’t be bothered, are too chicken or cos’ it feels like something your nan would do.

This is politics with a small p for a generation who are alienated by the politics of big gestures and little action, of sound-bites from suits with no visible effect. These are real current affairs issues tackled with comedy, attitude, bite and an overriding sense of positivity.

First transmitted in 2003.