“So You Think You Can Drive?”

Channel - BBC One Episodes - 1 x 60" Year - 2014


Distributed By - Hat Trick International

Up to 90% of Brits with licences rate themselves as good drivers.  So how come road accidents cost the UK a staggering £15 billion annually and almost 750,000 of us are injured each year? We’re a nation full of people who think they can drive, but evidently a lot of us can’t. So in this entertaining and eye-opening new show, Dom Littlewood and Cherry Healey set out to tackle the nations’ bad driving habits.  They’re going to attempt to transform the driving habits of two British motorists whose terrible driving is putting both themselves and the public at risk.  They’ve been nominated by their families who believe they are accidents waiting to happen, so Dom and Cherry enrol the help of one the UK’s most experienced driving instructors to tackle their ingrained faults in new and surprising ways.

Elsewhere in the show, Dom reveals the real dangers of bad driving when he joins the East Midlands Serious Collision Investigation Unit to discover how they bring criminal drivers to justice, and Cherry learns the truth about the serious risks we all run when we use our mobile phones in the car.