Channel - Channel 4 Episodes - 1 Year - 2016

From the woman who painted her Kensington home in bright red stripes to back garden operas and noisy Hampstead gardeners, this documentary lifts the lid on upmarket neighbourly disputes.

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Kensington and Chelsea is the most expensive place to live in Britain, with properties costing up to £55 million. Set against this exclusive backdrop we reveal the secret world of posh neighbours at war.

From the woman who hit the headlines worldwide for painting her exclusive Kensington mews house in bright red stripes, infuriating neighbours in the process, to the couple whose loud back garden operas are causing a commotion in the countryside and the unhappy denizens of Hampstead who are up in arms about noisy gardeners, we lift the lid on these most upmarket of neighbourly rows. At the heart of the documentary is the battle between two multi-millionaire neighbours, businessman Niall Carroll; and Zipporah Lisle Mainwaring, the woman behind the stripes.

In March last year, Zipporah Lisle Mainwaring got the exterior of her Kensington property painted in bright red stripes – very different to the muted tones of the multi-million pound houses either side. This action came in the midst of an ongoing legal argument about her plans to turn this two storey property into a dream home, complete with basement pool and cinema. But basement developments in London have become highly controversial, and we’ll explore both sides of the planning issues around not only this case, but others too, and we follow Zipporah’s case as it escalates to a public enquiry.

We meet Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s sister, author Rachel Johnson, herself one of the most outspoken Notting Hill residents on what she sees as the horrors of living next door to a basement build, and Oscar-winning actor Tom Conti at his Hampstead home. He shares his fury that his beloved peace and quiet has been broken with the latest trend – to use noisy leafblowers instead of quiet rakes to keep their lawns looking lovely!