Mum's the Word, by Outline Productions

Mum’s the Word

Channel - Discovery Health Episodes - 15 x 30" Year - 2003

Carrie Longton and Justine Roberts, the women who created 'Mums Net'-the UK's most popular parenting website - help struggling parents solve their childcare problems.

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This series takes a new approach to helping young parents with modern childcare issues – by giving them practical, real-life advice and wisdom, not from doctors, nurses, midwives or media stars, but from other real parents.

The real life experts are mums and dads from their generation who have learned through their own experiences, as well as their own mistakes and who themselves have picked up great tips from other parents. A sort of televisual post-natal support group, Mentor Mums brings together a trio of real life mums to go into people’s houses and share their tips, tricks and words of wisdom.

Like a maternal branch of Charlie’s Angels, the three of them appear where they are needed and help to turn a problem situation around.

First transmitted in 2003.