Million Dollar Intern

Channel - Watch & BBC Worldwide Episodes - 10 x 60" Year - 2013 - 2014


Distributed By - BBC Worldwide

Six business whizz kids from around the world go undercover for a week working at the bottom rung of a range of flagging businesses in an effort to re-energise them. After revealing their true identity, will they succeed in getting the owners to implement the radical changes needed to get their struggling businesses booming again?


1. History Studios Young entrepreneur Gary Martin, 25, has a string of successful businesses under his belt, but none as unusual as the struggling History Studios, a photographic historical costume experience for tourists in England.

2. Sadie the Bra Lady Juliette Brindak, a 24-year-old super successful entrepreneur from New York attempts to change the fortunes of a struggling string of old-fashioned bra shops in the North-East of England.

3. Greengate Furniture Ross Bailey, 21, is fast building an impressive global reputation as a web innovator and pop-up shop king. Now he takes on the challenge of trying to propel a struggling and out-dated bespoke furniture manufacturer into the fashionable echelons of London’s King’s Road.

4. Nantwich Bookshop Entrepreneur Gary Martin is just 25 and already has over a decade of experience setting up and running businesses under his belt, but can he successfully take on a small town bookshop in Cheshire which is on its last legs?

5. Jane’s Pantry Fraser Doherty, 24, is the face of SuperJam, an innovative jam brand he set up when he was a teenager. He now sells a million jars of jam every year. Fraser takes his impressive business experience to Jane’s Pantry, a struggling chain of ten bakeries in Gloucestershire, England.

6. Shepreth Wildlife Park 24-year-old web entrepreneur Juliette Brindak swaps her family home in leafy Connecticut, USA for… leafy Cambridge, England and the unlikely surroundings of Shepreth Wildlife Park.

7. Pet Paks 25-year-old Gary Martin has been a successful entrepreneur since he started doing property deals when still at school. But nothing has prepared him for the challenge of Pet-Paks, a large pet store just outside Cambridge, England.

8. Hawley Garden Centre 24-year-old Rich Martell, a successful Internet and web entrepreneur with a string of businesses to his name, gets his hands dirty at a sprawling garden centre in Kent facing stiff competition from all sides.

9. Havens Young entrepreneur Suleman Sacranie casts off his suit and laptop, and pretends to be a young student wanting work experience in a department store. He travels to Southend, on the British South Coast, to give a helping hand to a struggling family-run department store that’s been trading for over a hundred years.

10. Wolds Way Lavender Rich Martell started his first business when he was a teenager and is now a successful Internet and web entrepreneur. He hasn’t cleaned a toilet in eight years, but it’s his first job when he works disguised as an intern at Wolds Way, a tourist lavender farm near York in England.