James Martin’s United Cakes Of America

Channel - Good Food Channel Episodes - 15 x 30" Year - 2012

James Martin drives across the USA on a trip to taste America's best cakes, buns and fabulous bakes.

Distributed By - Endemol

In this new fifteen part series for the Good Food Channel, one of the UK’s favourite chefs, James Martin, goes on an unmissable journey through America sampling the delicious desserts each state has to offer.

Behind the wheel of a classic American convertible, James will explore a country famed for great cakes. From the classic New York Cheesecake to the spectacular Philadelphia Pummple Cake, James will travel up the East coast to uncover the stories and the recipes that make these cakes great.

In each episode James will learn from the home cooks and professional bakers who lay claim to the secret of making the best the US has to offer. He will sample two American desserts and then head back to the kitchen to show us his unique and totally delicious take on them.

So sit tight and enjoy a full throttle ride… through the United Cakes Of America.