How Weird Are You?, by Outline Productions

How Weird Are You?

Channel - BBC3 & BBC Worldwide Episodes - 10 x 30" Year - 2002

Landmark factual series profiling the lifestyles of the generation born in the 1970's.

Distributed By - n/a

Based on the findings of a major survey to find out more about the lives of British 25-34 year olds, How Weird Are You? is a bold and entertaining ten-part documentary series which reveals their inner secrets and discovers what they really get up to.

A different aspect of young people’s lives is examined in each programme – from friendships to fashions and sex lives to spending sprees, the series provides a full and frank exploration of this ever changing generation.

Each show will culminate in meeting a real life Mr and Ms Average – a man and a woman who fit the ‘average profile’, but we also encounter extreme exceptions and colourful characters who buck the trend along the way.

First transmitted in 2002.