Home Front, by Outline Productions

Home Front

Channel - UKTV History Episodes - 6 x 60" Year - 2004

A history series in which families recreate the conditions of life on the home front during the Second World War.

Distributed By - n/a

The Home Front is a revealing, absorbing and fresh way of looking at our home lives during World War II. It brings the Home Front to life by combining living experiment and real stories, with fascinating in-depth background details from experts and historians.

In each show, a group of volunteers live one aspect of 1940’s life for a week. They find out what it was really like to work as land-girl, join the Home Guard or feed a family on rations.

Each volunteer’s experience is based on the life of a real person, and on the challenges that person faced. These are real stories – with drama, jeopardy, difficult choices and real emotions – as the volunteers’ experiences mirror those of their real life characters.

First transmitted in 2004.