Health Freaks

Channel - Channel 4 Episodes - 6 x 30" Year - 2013

Do homespun health cures genuinely work? A panel of GPs put alternative medical treatments to the test.

Distributed By - Warner Bros Television Intl.

With 83% of people surfing the internet with their health problems and looking up alternatives to conventional treatments, doctors are hearing ever more extraordinary ‘miracle’ home remedies from their patients.

In this brand new series, GPs Dr Pixie McKenna, Dr Ellie Cannon and Dr Ayan Panja examine whether any of these homespun cures actually work?

The doctors are on the lookout for simple, safe and scientifically convincing health solutions. Could any of these remedies save the NHS millions?

If any of the applicants can convince the GPs there might be something in their remedy, then it will be put forward to a small trial or test.

Health Freaks finds out who knows best – doctors who go by the book or members of the public who make their own medicines? Are the people who use them barmy, or are they pioneers?