Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?

Channel - Channel 4 Episodes - 1x60" Year - 2017

In a powerful and provocative film, Trevor Phillips argues that liberalism and a fear of offending minorities is stifling legitimate debate and has led to Brexit and the rise of populist leaders like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump

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In an entertaining authored film, Trevor Phillips investigates the liberal urge to protect women and minorities from offence by gagging so-called populists and concludes that it’s backfired. The backlash has stirred the Trump-Farage revolt amongst the public – and even alienated women and minorities. From the sacking of a Nobel scientist for a politically incorrect joke to the banning of sombreros on university campuses, the Establishment’s un-written rules about what you can or can’t say are under attack. For Trevor, the acid test of a democracy is whether it truly encourages the airing of different opinions – a test Britain seems in danger of failing. Whether it’s trans campaigners who want to ban Germaine Greer from speaking in public because of her views on transgender or the more politically potent topic of what you can or can’t say about immigration.  Banning words and images may make the left feel more virtuous but it leaves large sections of the electorate angry that they can’t even share their views without being labelled bigots.  In Trevor’s view liberals need to focus on real change, to stop obsessing about who can call who a n***er, pak* or queer – and to recognise that the price of real progress may be learning to live with offence.

“The week’s most thought provoking documentary” The Observer

“A hard-hitting and provocative polemic” The Sunday Mail

“A forthright and thought-provoking film” The Times

“Hugely Topical” The Sun