Girls With Guns, by Outline Productions

Girls with Guns AKA Bazoukas on the Beach

Channel - Channel 5 Episodes - 1 x 60" Year - 2002

An entertaining documentary following a novice film maker trying to make the UK's first 'Guns and Girls' movie.

Distributed By - Zodiak Rights

A tale of bullets, bronzed boob jobs and battling egos, Girls With Guns follows an ex-Army officer as he scripts, casts, shoots and edits his first adult movie – Guns and Girls: The Movie. We track his every move from the arduous process of scouting for talent in London’s lap dance bars to greasing his gun barrels on set, from storyboarding his action sequences to shooting his aerials in a former military helicopter.

Girls With Guns delves into the day-to-day running of and takes a look at one of the strangest and fastest growing sub cultures in the UK. Who visits the website? What is it that turns them on? What do the girls think of it? And what kind of person dreamt this up? Populist, entertaining and engaging, Girls With Guns is a film that’s guaranteed to end with a bang rather than a whimper.

First transmitted 2002.