Fat Families Second Helpings by Outline Productions

Fat Families Second Helpings

Channel - Sky 1 Episodes - 5 x 60" Year - 2010

What happened when the cameras stopped rolling and Steve Miller wasn’t there to hold their hands?

Distributed By - BBC Worldwide

Twenty-five per cent of adults and 16 per cent of children in the UK are now classified as clinically obese. It’s official: British families are the fattest in Europe.

In this new six-part series, fat loss expert Steve Miller moves into the homes of six supersize families. The author of Get Off Your Arse and Lose Weight: Straight-talking Advice on How to Get Thin from the Life Bitch accepts no nonsense and will expose every excuse. Some of his subjects blame genetics, but Steve discovers that the real reasons behind their bulging bellies are entrenched lifestyle habits and over-sized portions.

Setting himself a tall televised task, Steve is determined to transform these fatties into fitties. In each episode, the tough-talker will take up residence with a family and introduce radical new regimes. And he’s prepared to use shock tactics to make these overweight individuals confront a plus-size problem that has left them with embarrassing health problems such as sleep apnoea and yeast infections, and serious conditions including diabetes and asthma. As they strip down to their underwear and have a full body medical MOT, they have no choice but to deal with the truth.

After several days of observing and learning, Steve will turn the family’s ‘house of fatness’ into a ‘house of fitness’ by changing the front room into a spa; chain-sawing the sofa into pieces; quarantining the TV; or clamping the car. Then they’ll be left to it, as Steve moves out. But, thanks to CCTV and some high-tech tags, he’ll be able to monitor any relapses…

Expect tears and tantrums as two cultures from the opposite end of the scales, quite literally, collide.

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