Emergency with Angela Griffin Series 2, by Outline Productions

Emergency with Angela Griffin

Channel - Sky 1 Episodes - 10 x 60" Year - 2011

A brand new 10 part documentary series for Sky 1 following actress Angela Griffin as she goes on shift with Ambulance crews in the West Midlands to find out what it’s really like for real emergency personnel.

Distributed By - Warner Bros Entertainment

Prepare to understand – and appreciate – your emergency services better than ever before when Angela Griffin is embedded with the West Midlands Ambulance Service to capture medical care on the frontline. Meet the heroes and heroines of Britain’s emergency services: not just paramedics, but also emergency care practitioners, call handlers and community responders amongst many others. Over Ten busy weeks, Angela Griffin will spend time with teams and individuals across a wide range of the West Midland’s services. She’ll be observing and talking with the teams, participating actively in those areas where a regular member of the public could participate. What she wants to do is understand and give voice to the work the ambulance servicemen and women are doing… and help the audience at home appreciate the full spectrum of their challenging roles.