Conspiracy Theories on Trial, by Outline Productions

Conspiracy Theories on Trial

Channel - Discovery Europe Episodes - 6 x 60" Year - 2004

From the sinking of the Kursk to the death of Robert Maxwell, this meticulously researched series uses rigorous scientific testing to reach the truth behind the worlds most compelling conspiracy theories.

Distributed By - Discovery Networks International

Conspiracy theories are often created to help people make sense of our complex world – but can they stand up to scientific investigation? “Conspiracies on Trial” subjected some of the most enduring conspiracy theories to a battery of methodical tests with two back-to-back episodes featured over two weeks on Discovery Civilization Channel. The Da Vinci Code, the death of Robert Maxwell, the death of Pope John Paul I and the sinking of the Kursk submarine – what is the version of events that actually occurred?

Analytical methods such as body mechanics, surveillance technology, forensics and reconstruction are used to solve the mystery of these puzzling events. Do these conspiracies stand a chance against the rigorous investigation of “Conspiracies on Trial?”

First transmitted 2004.