Born on the Same Day

Channel - Channel 4 Episodes - 3 x 60" Year - 2016

Born on the Same Day is a major new popular history series for Channel 4. It looks at key moments in the parallel lives of three people born on the same day in the same year. We see how their lives entwine with the major events of our time, and ask - what are the choices and moments in life that shape us?

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“It makes you think about stuff – you know, ageing, how quick life goes by, your own, perhaps, how you’d better get a move on if you’re going to do anything, stuff like that.” The Guardian, Wednesday 15th June

“Blending interviews and archive footage with emotional visits to the people and places which changed them – this fascinating film recounts the key moments in the trio’s lives, entwined with the social history of the nation.” The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 14th June

Born On the Same Day is a fascinating new three-part celebrity-led biography series. It features the remarkable lives of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Twiggy and Ricky Tomlinson.

Each episode features one of these famous individuals and two ordinary people who share the same date of birth. These three have never met, but each one will tell their extraordinary story and reveal the key turning points and decisions they took that made them the person they’ve become. These three life stories start at the same time but evolve in completely different directions.

From birth to the present, their stories will reveal how powerful life events such as lost love, human tragedy and physical challenges have shaped their lives, and influenced their relationships, values and beliefs.

Blending interviews, personal photos and film with contemporary archive, plus emotional revisits to people and places which have changed them, Born on the Same Day tells the story of three lives intertwined with the history of a nation.

Episode one contrasts the life of the world’s greatest living explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes with first generation migrant Ewart Rennalls and foster mother to over a hundred children, Frances Chorlton. Born on 7th March 1944, these three pioneers have created lives for themselves that their parents could never have imagined.

Episode two contrasts the life of first ever supermodel Twiggy, who in 2016 celebrates 50 years since her iconic look burst onto the 60’s scene, with social activist Sylvia Swain and Anne Smith, a woman who uncovers a long-kept family secret. Born on 19th September 1949, these three women defied the expectations of their families and of the society they grew up in.

Episode three tells the stories of one of Britain’s best loved actors Ricky Tomlinson, midwife Julia Allison and would-be jockey and betting shop millionaire Victor Young. Born on the outbreak of war on 26th September 1939, all three struggled to find their true paths in life. Only after hardship, loss and painful rejection, did they realise their dreams.

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