All New House of Tiny Tearaways, by Outline Productions

All New House of Tiny Tearaways

Channel - BBC Three Episodes - 20 x 60" Year - 2007

The award winning format recently returned for its fourth series to BBC3 providing more innovative advice and assistance to end-of-their-tether parents.

Distributed By - Zodiak Rights (UK)

Having already broken the mould of the traditional parenting programmes, All New House of Tiny Tearaways, presented by Claudia Winkleman, herself a mother of two, aired in November 2007 with a range of brand new elements that gripped parents across the nation.

Each one hour episode of All New House of Tiny Tearaways focuses on the activity in the house. This time parents must be prepared to do whatever it takes, and stay as long as it takes, to get their beleaguered family relationships back on track, as the programme’s experts observe the children’s behaviour around the clock.

Regular presenter Claudia Winkleman is joined by top child psychologists Laverne Antrobus and Elizabeth Kilbey, who bring a fresh approach to solving parenting problems. They bring new insights to this series, as they weather the tears, the tantrums and enforce tough love with the families each step of the way.

One half of the new team is Consultant Child and Educational Psychologist Laverne Antrobus. A senior psychologist with London’s Tavistock Clinic, Laverne focuses on treating primary age children with complex social, emotional, behavioural, academic, and psychiatric difficulties. With years of clinical experience, she works with parents helping them to manage their children’s needs through family work, individual work and work with groups of parents. She is a mum of three, and has just published her first book ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ aimed at helping parents understand and handle their children’s behaviour.

Working alongside Laverne will be Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey. As a Chartered Clinical Child Psychologist Elizabeth has worked with young people and their families with a range of complex developmental and emotional problems. She specialises in working with parents of children under five, in particular running therapeutic groups focusing on behavioural management issues such as tantrums, sleeping and eating problems. She is married with two young children.

All New House of Tiny Tearaways aims to help families work through the parenting problems which plague them, situations that would baffle even the hardiest mums and dads. The problems tackled range from lack of sleep, refusal to eat, to full-on tantrums, phobias and dysfunctional behaviour.