WorldScreen – Unsafe British Drivers the Focus of New BBC One Special from Outline Productions

LONDON: BBC One has ordered a new factual entertainment program in which two terrible British motorists will get tailor-made driving classes.

The one-hour special So You Think You Can Drive (working title), from Outline Productions, will feature a pair of bad drivers nominated by family members or friends. They’ll both receive customized training from Dom Littlewood and Cherry Healey in the lead-up to a skills test. The show will also explore the science behind bad driving, using real-world experiments to reveal what’s needed to keep safe on the roads.

Helen Veale and Bridget Boseley exec produce for Outline, with Tom Edwards exec producing for the BBC. Charlotte Moore, BBC One’s controller, and Alison Kirkham, the head of commissioning factual features and formats, ordered the program.

“Viewers have always found bad driving on television an interesting and amusing subject to watch, and while I hope this show will sometimes make the audience smile, it will also spotlight some of the very real dangers of bad driving and make us more aware of our terrible habits,” Kirkham said.

Veale added: “Driving is something everyone can relate to, and if we’re honest with ourselves there are things we all do behind the wheel that we shouldn’t. This format brings to the screen a whole wealth of great information that could make us all safer drivers, but it does it in a way that is as entertaining as it is informative. It’s fantastic to be making a new show for prime-time BBC One and we’re delighted to have such great talent as Dom and Cherry at the heart of it.”