The Reading Chronicle – Whiteway’s watching: Cookery shows such as “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes”

COOKERY shows are ten-a-penny these days with fully two-thirds of the standard five-channel schedule dedicated solely to people in kitchens making things that probably smell nice.

Indeed, on Friday evenings on BBC2 alone there is a whole hour dedicated to kitchen-based shenanigans via a half hour each of perhaps the polar opposite of chefs – black, skinny woman Lorraine Pascal and white, heavy-set guy Tom Kerridge – the latter of whom we are focusing on here on the ‘never trust a thin chef’ principle with his latest show Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes (BBC2, Fridays, 9.30pm).

In Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes we see Tom Kerridge… make his… best ever… dishes.

Still with me? Good.

He makes these dishes while talking you, the viewer, through the whole process, just like every other cookery show you’ve seen ever.

There isn’t a great deal of learning the format required here I will say.

Kerridge’s USPs in the cookery world are good-natured soft bantz about his size, a cracker of an accent and, unlike some chefs, he doesn’t make you want to punch him in the face repeatedly until bits of it fall off and all of these USPs are exploited to the full in this show.

In each episode, Kerridge makes four or five meals which more often than not look like the fastest way to the A&E department complaining of chest pains and a lack of feeling in one arm.

Seriously, one dish in an episode called Weekend Specials has a whole knob of butter and double cream in it while an omelette has more grease in the cooking process than would be found on the foreheads of 100 secondary school pupils.

But, as you are watching this show rather than eating its contents, all in all, it’s a nice, easy-watching, cheap to make (hat tip to Daily Mail readers) piece of television.

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