Radio Times – Tom Kerridge on Best Dishes: Saturday Kitchen food looks a lot better than it tastes

James Martin’s cooking on Saturday Kitchen isn’t up to scratch for Tom Kerridge.

The head chef at two Michelin starred restaurant The Hand and Flowers revealed he’s been less than impressed with some of the cooking on the BBC weekend show – but only because making restaurant-grade dishes live on TV is nigh-on impossible.

“You can see the difference between a recorded television show like this one [Best Ever Dishes], or Lorraine Pascale or Nigella, where the dishes look absolutely stunning, where they spend a lot of time making beautiful food, and then Saturday Kitchen, which is a live TV show,” Kerridge told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

“What you end up with in the end, where everyone eats and pretends it’s really nice, isn’t! But you don’t say, ‘James, no mate, that is wrong. Seriously why haven’t you rested that? That’s not seasoned enough.’ You go, ‘Oh that’s delicious chief, that’s really nice. The wine that goes with, it is lovely!’”

Kerridge also said that when filming his BBC2 show Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes, he will have up to three dishes being prepared at any one time to make sure the food on TV looks good enough to eat.

“We make dishes, and every now and then on the TV they don’t look quite as good as the end result in a book,” he said. “What happens is you will make two or three of the dish at separate times. We’ll do three of them at different hour intervals, so as we’re filming the one that’s going in the oven, if we need to recap something else we always have one behind us.

“There’s always a team of people, where it’s almost like a conveyer belt of making dishes.”