Radio Times – Great British Garden Revival SERIES 1 – 4. CUT FLOWERS & TREES

Returning after a brief Christmas break, this episode investigates the decline of cut flowers and of trees in this country. Visiting New Covent Garden, Rachel de Thame discovers that an astonishing 90% of our cut flowers are imported while Joe Swift learns that only 2% of Britain is covered in ancient woodland.

These days more people have paved patios in their gardens than those who have trees and this has had a detrimental effect on our wildlife as well as massively increasing flood risk. Later in the week the team share their passion for glasshouses, shrubs, ponds, lawns and stumperies as well as herb, rock and tropical gardens.

4/10. Rachel de Thame investigates the decline of Britain’s cut flower industry and discovers that 90% are imported. She meets a man who has dedicated his life to growing sweet peas and joins a florist who uses some surprising flowers in the wedding bouquets she creates. Joe Swift wants more people to plant trees in their gardens, visiting a collection of birch trees in Devon that is the lifelong work of one man, and sharing tips on how to plant and prune trees.


Presenter Rachel de Thame
Presenter Joe Swift

Executive Producer Bridget Boseley