Nantwich News – Nantwich Bookshop stars on “Million Dollar Intern” this week

Nantwich Bookshop is set to feature in an episode of the new TV show “Million Dollar Intern” this week.

The new reality series sees ambitious business executives act as interns in local firms.

And tomorrow night’s (July 31) episode sees Gary Martin work as an intern with Nantwich Bookshop owners Steve and Denise Lawson.

The Lawsons were picked as one of a handful of companies around the UK to star in the series.

Inviting trouble-shooter Gary is the last resort – but Denise, who runs the popular café upstairs and takes the job of supervising intern Gary – doesn’t know his real identity.

She takes him under her wing, but doesn’t hesitate to give the lowly intern the task of cleaning toilets.

Gary has a grand plan to help the business turn itself around and it involves unifying the café and the book business.

But before he can put his plan into action, he’s got to reveal to the team – and Steve’s wife Denise – that he’s been lying to them for two days about who he really is.

Filming for the episode took place before Christimas, when Steve told Nantwichnews: “It has already been aired worldwide, and we have had 20+ messages from Mexico to New Zealand.

“It is difficult to watch oneself on TV but I think we came out of it alright!”

The show has been filmed by Outline Productions.

The episode will be aired on Watch channel, 8-9pm. Watch is channel 109 on Sky.