Luton On Sunday – Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes: Tasty Dinners (preview)

Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge is back tonight for the 4th episode (of 6) of his current series highlighting what are in his opinion the ‘best ever dishes’.

Kerridge believes that we should cook good food every day of the week, and to help inspire us all to follow his lead, he has filled this series with some delicious recipes which are quick to make and are bursting with flavour.

Not only is he keen on good food, but also cutting down on the work involved in preparation and tidying up afterward. Dishes like his lemon pepper chicken are fuss free and provide a whole meal in one pan – saving on the washing up!

Tom also shows how to spice up traditional lamb chops by giving the Barnsley chop a North African twist, serving it with a courgette and feta salad and a rather unusual dressing.

He also wants to revive retro scampi and chips (not like the pub version), and creates a tasty home-made version with some fresh monkfish and a fantastic crispy batter. He follows it up with another easy mid-week option – a rice pudding unlike any other, which only takes half an hour to make.

They’re all dishes that he hopes will persuade viewers to leave the ready meals on the shelves.

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes: Tasty Dinners is scheduled for broadcast on BBC TWO tonight (24th October) at 9pm.