Coventry Telegraph – Is There A Doctor In The House?

NEW series Health Freaks should come with a medical warning – don’t try this at home!

So for anyone thinking of sticking leaches up their backside or spraying themselves with WD40 then maybe it’s probably best to just go to your GP instead.

Dr Pixie McKenna and Co are on a mission to check out home cures for all those common twinges and pains in Channel 4’s new Monday night health series … and maybe help save the NHS a few quid along the way.

But some of the DIY remedies are scary beyond belief and the science behind them highly dubious.

Brickies Adam and Simon were adamant a quick squirt of WD40 was perfect for treating everything from arthritis to breathing problems, but the docs weren’t so convinced. “That’s not an old wives tale, that’s an old brickies tale.”

It was like entering the world of quacks and miracle tonics but, astonishingly some of the home remedies did actually work.

It seems a quick burst of song can help with snoring and garlic can improve your sex life, but the biggest surprise was a duct tape remedy for verrucas.

Volunteers spent 30 days taping themselves up and the trial found that all the duct tape-covered feet saw verrucas shrinking. Good news for the poor guy who had been stuck with one verruca for so long he had nicknamed it Freddie.

Health Freaks is likely to become essential viewing for armchair hypochondriacs everywhere, but the entertainment value comes from seeing the look of shock of Dr Pixie’s face when confronted with some of the more bizarre “cures.” A sheer tonic.