– Secrets of Tom Kerridge’s dramatic weight loss revealed on Best Ever Dishes

Over the past year TV chef Tom Kerridge has dropped at least six stone in weight and looks like a totally new person as he promotes his new TV show and book, Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes.

Considering his job involves being around food every single day, we couldn’t help but wonder how Tom managed to shed the weight.

For Tom it was simple: it was all about cutting one big habit from his life – booze. The chef is now mostly teetotal, saying “one of the big problems of being a publican is that you’re surrounded by beer, so I gave up drinking.” He added: “I’m more or less teetotal now but I had a few beers on my 40th last year.”

The chef has also taken up swimming, clocking up as many as 1800m on a daily basis.

While cutting out the booze has had a big effect on his weight, Tom’s also weaned himself off the carbs. “I’ve gone down the route where I eat plenty of protein and not any carbs. I just ignore the potato bit, basically.”

Keep up the good work, Tom!