Outline are always looking for new people to join the team and believe that our continuing success depends on the full and effective use of the abilities of all employees, regardless of age, colour, sex, disabilities, marital status, national origin, ethnic background, race, creed, personality, work style or religion.

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Outline Productions do not accept unsolicited scripts, programme ideas, pilots, programme formats, taster tapes or showreels (“Unsolicited Material”). If any Unsolicited Material is submitted to us via this website or otherwise it is our policy not to read or view it.  If you do submit any Unsolicited Material to us, you expressly acknowledge that it may contain ideas which are the same as or similar to programme concepts which have been independently developed by Outline Productions or other third parties. You understand and accept that Outline Productions may have already developed or acquired such programme concepts independently or may do so in future (“Outline Concepts”) without use of the Unsolicited Material you have submitted, and that the use of Outline Concepts by us shall not constitute a breach of copyright or confidentiality.