Things We Won’t Say About Race – That Are True

Channel - Channel 4 Episodes - 1 x 75" Year - 2015

THURSDAY 19th MARCH - 9:00pm on CHANNEL 4

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In this strongly-opinionated authored extended documentary, Trevor Phillips, the man at the heart of 30 years of effort to reduce discrimination and improve equality across the UK, makes the controversial argument that while much of the work of those in the ‘equality movement’ has changed Britain for the better, it may also have led to serious and unwanted consequences that could undermine what’s been achieved.

In the process, he confronts some uncomfortable truths about racial stereotypes; asks Nigel Farage whether the attempt to embrace a multi-ethnic Britain has led directly to the rise of Ukip; and talks to Tony Blair about how his equality and diversity project could be brought back on track.

He argues that only more openness, more sophisticated ethnic monitoring and a willingness to talk about what the data reveal, will help those most in need; and that in a diverse society we may have to get more used to giving and taking offence.