Lets get a good thing going tx from Outline Productions on Vimeo.

Lets Get a Good Thing Going

Channel - BBC Episodes - 5x45" Year - 2017

Let’s Get a Good Thing Going is a new series where passionate locals pitch ideas that could help their community.

Distributed By - DRG

They need cash to kick-start their dream projects. The assembled audience donate towards the fund and vote for their favourite. Presented by Kevin Duala, this warm and feelgood series which celebrates the positive things people do for each other, travels across the country, from Barry, South Wales to Wakefield, Yorkshire with a new location for each show. Projects vary from Powerchair football for all, free local gyms, multicultural food evenings and robotic cats to treat dementia. We return to see the winning project in action and find out what has happened with not only the winner but the runners up too.