Eddie Izzard's Mongrel Nation

Eddie Izzard’s Mongrel Nation

Channel - Discovery Episodes - 3 x 60" Year - 2003

High profile series presented by Eddie Izzard examining the history of who the English really are.

Distributed By - Discovery Networks International

There is no such thing as pure Englishness. The Cross of St. George is merely a flag of convenience for an array of other nationalities and races who have combined in a two millennia-old melting pot to create the country in which we live.

Whether it’s genetic and genealogical heritage, language, place names, buildings, culture, food, money, commerce, Christian and surnames, key institutions, humour, religion, art, events – practically all the components of our national heritage and identity come from abroad. In three hours of television, Eddie Izzard demonstrates how all of these cornerstones of the English way of life are foreign in their origin.

In three hour long programmes, he examines how England became the Mongrel Nation.

First transmitted in 2003. Finalist in the 2003 Broadcast Awards for Best Multimedia Programme.