Wirral Globe – VIDEO: Wirral driver puts skills to the test for BBC on “So You Think You Can Drive?”

A WIRRAL motorist will put her driving skills to the test in a programme to be screened on BBC One next week.

Viewers will see Jodie Barchha Lang, from New Brighton, drive around the seaside town in So You Think You Can Drive? on Thursday, September 4.

In what promises to be an entertaining and eye-opening new show, Fake Britain presenter and The One Show’s former consumer affairs editor Dominic Littlewood and Cherry Healey set out to tackle the nations’ bad driving habits.

Jodie is one of two people getting behind the wheel. As well as driving around New Brighton, Jodie is also filmed negotiating some of Liverpool’s busiest roads.

The actress, who is also a part-time physotherapist’s assistant, told the Globe: “Obviously, I can’t give much away because it’s not on until Thursday. All I can say is that it’s really highlighted to me how bad my driving was.

“Admittedly I was pretty bad. I took six driving tests before I passed, which may have been a confidence thing, and have managed to knock 10 wing mirrors off. So, I needed to do something about it.

“When I applied to take part in the show I never really thought I’d be chosen to take part. When the producers told me I was in the show I nearly fell off my chair; couldn’t believe it.

“But it was great to be involved. Dominic and Cherry are really wonderful people.

According to the show’s researchers, up to 90% of British drivers with licences rate themselves as good drivers.

Road accidents cost the UK a staggering £15 billion annually and almost 750,000 of us are injured each year. We’re a nation full of people who think they can drive, but evidently a lot of us can’t.

Those taking part in the series been nominated by their families who believe they are accidents waiting to happen, so Dom and Cherry enrol the help of one the UK’s most experienced driving instructors to tackle their ingrained faults in new and surprising ways.

On her experience on the show, Jodie said: “I would definitely do it again. My husband, Phil, was hesitant at first. But he got into the technical aspects of the show.”

She joked: “He bought me a new car as a present for taking part in the show. Thankfully, I haven’t managed to knock any wing mirrors off yet.”

So You Think You Can Drive? is on BBC One next Thursday, September 4, at 10.35pm.

To see Jodie’s video head here: