The Sentinal – Million Dollar Intern: TV Preview


DISGUISED as ordinary interns, six business whizz-kids from around the world work undercover for a week at flagging organisations. What will a high-ranking manager from KFC bring to the Passport Office?

Monitoring the companies from the inside, in between making cups of coffee and performing menial tasks, it’s down to the interns to gain the confidence of staff and start unravelling where problems lie.

After revealing their true identity, will they succeed in persuading owners to implement radical changes? Or will they be dismissed as mere whippersnappers, barely out of nappies, who’d do well to show a bit more respect to their more experienced elders, even if they are on the brink of bankruptcy.

First up is ‘Sadie the Bra Lady’, who sounds like she should reside on a bench in the park, and indeed may end up doing so if things don’t pick up at her struggling string of old-fashioned bra shops in the north-east. Attempting to change Sadie’s fortunes is Juliette Brindak, a 24-year-old super-successful entrepreneur from New York. What she doesn’t know about the bra trade isn’t worth knowing.