The Bath Chronicle – Bath to star in new BBC 2 show The Great British Garden Revival

Rose bushes, hanging baskets, flower beds and fruit trees were once the stable of many English garden but with the rise in popularity of patios, decking and even a drive way the garden could become a thing of the past.

However, a new BBC 2 programme is hoping to reinvigorate homeowners’ passion for the outdoors and a group of tree enthusiasts from Bath have been helping.

The Great British Garden Revival, which started on BBC 2 at the beginning of December, is looking at the many different aspects of the traditional English garden.

From trees, wild flowers, lawns and front gardens to cut flowers, herb gardens, glass houses and ponds 14 celebrity gardeners, including Monty Don, Charlie Dimmock and Diarmuid Gavin, are attempting to get people off the sofa and into their gardens.

In the next episode, to be aired on Monday, January 6 at 7pm, More Trees BANES will be helping gardener Joe Swift, from Gardener’s World, with some tree planting at Bath City Farm.

Adam Gretton, said since it formed six years ago the group had planted 3,500 trees around Bath and north east Somerset Council.

“They spent a bit of time filming in my back garden where I have lots of trees growing in pots then we went up to the city farm.

“We all do it in a spare time but it’s something we feel passionately about.”

According to More Trees BANES trees are important, providing shelter for wildlife, producing fruit and absorbing pollution and carbon.

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