Telegraph & Argus – “Things We Won’t Say About Race That are True” Review

SIR – Ratna Lachman’s reaction to the programme “Things we won’t say about race” was depressingly familiar (T&A, March 19).

She asserts that ethnic minorities suffer discrimination as regards finding employment, complains of high levels of stop and search which they are subjected to and their underrepresentation in public life.

Would Mrs Lachman favour additional legislation to enforce further compliance and thus attempt to engineer an equality of outcomes?

In contrast Trevor Phillips acknowledged that perhaps some of the methods which had been deployed in furtherance of equality may have caused resentment and even hostility.

In attempting to create an equal society it is essential that a sense of fairness is maintained and can be observed and felt by both the ethnic minorities and the host community.

Trevor Phillips makes an important contribution to this matter by challenging past overzealousness on the part of the ‘equality enforcers’.