Sydney Morning Herald – “Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes” Review

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes

LifeStyle Food, 9pm

Maybe it’s Tom Kerridge, maybe it’s his producers. But somebody’s certainly intent on giving Jamie Oliver a run for his money in terms of annoying laddish chatter. Every dish Kerridge serves up is ‘‘cheeky’’, ‘‘posh’’, ‘‘hardcore’’, ‘‘right classy’’ and/or ‘‘proper lush’’. Every ingredient is a ‘‘bad boy’’ that needs to be ‘‘bashed up’’ and ‘‘banged in’’. It’s hard to imagine anyone talking like this 24/7, let alone someone with Kerridge’s bucolic West Country accent. It’s enough to do your head right in, as Kerridge might say. Too much of Kerridge’s food might do your ticker in too – something he seems to have realised himself given his impressive weight loss over the past year or so. Tonight’s dishes include potato skins topped with pancetta, lettuce and blue-cheese dressing; a slow-cooked beef brisket; a ‘‘hardcore coleslaw’’ with mustard and anchovy mayo; and a ‘‘cheat’s chocolate tart’’.