STV – Trevor Phillips on Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True

It’s one of the most provocative discussions you’ll hear this week – in a documentary tonight the man who was once in charge of promoting racial equality in Britain tells us ten Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True.

That man is Trevor Phillips, and today he explained on This Morning why he’s made the documentary and why he expects it will get everyone talking.

He explained: “We thought the way to get people to live together better was to stop people thinking bad thoughts. And if we stopped them thinking bad thoughts, then eventually they would stop saying them. Well actually, the truth is, they get driven underground.

“My point is, very simply, that we have to have ways of dealing with our differences.”

Trevor said that there is often such an ‘exaggerate sensitivity’ about these issues that sometimes as a society we aren’t even saying positive things about minorities.

You can find out Trevor’s ten true things about race, which Phillip described as ‘controversial things for me to say out loud’, in the video above.

Trevor also talks about how the case of Victoria Climbié and the 7/7 London bombings cemented his view that we have to talk more openly about race.

He said: “I realised there is a problem about us.

“The minute you do these things, everybody who doesn’t want to deal with these things dumps on you.

“It is probably fair to say, that nobody would say I was quiet after that. But until I made this documentary, nobody has been paying that much attention.

“We’re mature enough to have this conversation.”