Radio Times – Tom Kerridge Cooks Christmas

Review by: Emma Sturgess

Tom Kerridge’s food always has a whiff of nostalgia about it. In his youth, the centrepiece of Christmas dinner was a well-known brand of turkey roll, so that’s what he re-creates here. Of course, his thoroughgoing approach means that this is not just any turkey roll. This is a turkey roll filled with sage and onion stuffing, topped with a Christmas crumble (with a compellingly down-home addition) and served with rye bread sauce, glazed carrots with star anise, and sprout tops with chestnuts.

Pudding is spiced orange cake with plum sauce and homemade ice cream with crumbled Christmas pudding. It might be a palaver, but it’s a Tom Kerridge palaver. If you can stir yourself to try even one of the recipes, Christmas is likely to be immeasurably improved.


The chef puts his own spin on a variety of festive fare, giving a twist to the traditional roast by steaming a turkey breast filled with sage and onion stuffing and then covering it in a crumble topping made from pistachios and dried cranberries. He gives advice on how to liven up vegetables by cooking glazed carrots with star anise and sprout tops with chestnuts, and makes a spiced orange cake with plum sauce as an alternative to Christmas pudding.