Radio Times – Great British Garden Revival

Review by: Alison Graham

Now here’s a pretty programme to give you a warm glow on a December evening as Monty Don and Joe Swift beg us to plant flowers. Britain’s front gardens are disappearing under tides of concrete as they are paved over for parking spaces and it’s making Joe Swift miserable. Though not too miserable, as he’s the most ebullient of all TV presenters. He visits a north Tyneside avenue whose residents have banded together to plant their front gardens and a once-gloomy nearby path, and he dresses as a milkman to give away plants in north London. As you do.
But first Monty Don, looking as ever as if he’s just stepped out of a Paul Gauguin painting, grieves over the destruction of our wild flower meadows and shows us ways of bringing them back.


1/10. New series. Fourteen of the UK’s leading TV gardeners try to turn Britain into a green-fingered nation once again, with more people having paved patios than those who have trees. In each programme, two presenters focus on an aspect about which they feel passionately and offer advice to viewers, beginning with Monty Don on wild flowers and Joe Swift’s tips for front gardens.