Mail Online – Can WD-40 cure arthritis? Wacky home remedies put to the test by panel of doctors … with surprising results

From the man who swears that garlic sandwiches give his love life a boost to the intrepid soul who thinks putting leeches on your bottom can cure deep vein thrombosis, the home remedies championed by the British can seem a motley bunch.

But few can be as bizarre as the claims made by builders Simon and Andy, who say that industrial lubricant WD-40 can help cure arthritis and ease a congested chest.

The duo made their odd claim on Channel 4 documentary series Health Freaks, which offers people with a home remedy they swear by the chance to have it checked over by a panel of doctors.

Currently, more than 10 million people suffer from arthritis in the UK alone, and the cost to the NHS runs into millions.

Andy, who suffers from the condition, said: ‘I went to the doctor and he prescribed me paracetamol for my arthritis.

Asked if he was worried about any potentially toxic side-effects of using WD-40, Andy added: ‘No, I’m not worried about toxins. If you do your research, you’ll see there are fish oils in WD-40.’

Simon, meanwhile, claimed that the product had helped ease his congested chest. I’m a smoker and I suffer with a tight chest,’ he explained.

‘I apply WD-40 and makes it better and it takes seconds.’

Once again, the panel failed to see his point. When smokers have a tight chest, it’s actually their lungs which are tight not their chest,’ said Dr Ellie Cannon, a long-standing GP.

‘There’s no way that WD-40 can be getting through to your lungs to actually improve your breathing.’

She added: ‘This is one of the craziest ideas I’ve ever heard, I would advise you to stop doing it and to seek proper treatment.’

Asked by MailOnline to comment on the claims, a spokesman for WD-40 said: ‘This is one of the myths we regularly deal with.

‘The WD-40 Company does not recommend the use of WD-40 Multi-Use Product for medical purposes, and knows no reason why it would be effective for arthritis pain relief.

‘The product contains petroleum distillates and should be handled with the same precautions for any product containing this type of material.’

Among other unusual remedies featured in the documentary were amber necklaces and duct tape, thought to soothe teething pains and cure veruccas.

Although the duct tape was later proved to have an impressive effect on tackling veruccas, the amber beads did not impress the panel of GPs and, according to the medical professionals, does nothing to soothe teething pain in babies.

Health Freaks airs tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 4