Living Beautifully – Save our gardens and gardening

Whichever way you cut it, gardening is a pretty soggy experience at the moment; even we garden-lovers here on Homes & Gardens admit to doing very little in our own green spaces over the festive period.

But as sure as eggs are eggs, the weather will improve and with a little care and attention, even the most water-logged plots will spring back into life.

Or will they? You only have to look around you to see increasing numbers of gardens being turned over to low-maintenance lawns, being swathed in concrete and paving, or being built on. Trees and flowers set in a cultivated manner around the home appear to becoming an endangered sight, with us, our wildlife and therefore our eco system all the losers.

Which is why we’ll be tuning in to the Great British Garden Revival, to hear the likes of Sarah Raven, Carol Klein, Diamuid Gavin, Rachel de Thame (pictured) and Joe Swift stand up for the simple gardening facts of life, and show us how to get back to doing it for ourselves, from growing flowers for the home and trees to give us oxygen and life, to building rockeries and tropical gardens to ornament, and fruit trees, ponds and stumperies to feed and support us and our wildlife.

The first episode, with Rachel de Thame investigating the decline in cut flowers and Joe Swift focusing on trees, is on BBC 2 at 7.00pm on Monday 6th January.