Harborough Mail – Walton garden to feature in Sky TV show “Show Me Your Garden”

The neighbours have been admiring it for years.

And now the whole country will get a chance to marvel at Graham and Jenny Cousins’ glorious garden.

The beautiful one-and-a-quarter acre plot in the village of Walton, north-east of Lutterworth, is due to feature on TV later this month. It will be on the Sky 1 programme Show Me Your Garden.

“I’m retired now, so I suppose the garden is my day job,” said Graham (80).

“My wife helps, too, and considering she’s not a very keen gardener, it’s very noble of her.

“My garden is my gym, but gardening’s also great in that it encourages optimism.

“I always have something to look forward to, and it’s always going to be better next year.”

Mr Cousins, who used to run university book shops at Leicester, De Montfort and Northampton, thinks he must have got the gardening gene from his mother.

“What makes my garden unique – it’s defining characteristic – is that all the leaves are green. No variegated leaves, no purple, no yellow. I find it gives the garden a very calm, peaceful feeling.”

Plants are also selected to emphasise the seasons.

The garden is divided into sections, including a wood, a circular pool, roses and bright flowers, two “micro-meadows” and an orchard.

Graham said: “We moved here in 1981. Before we came it had been owned by a self-employed builder, and we had to take down eight corrugated iron storage sheds.

“For a while I was the biggest dealer of second-hand corrugated iron sheeting in south Leicestershire!”

So is there any gardening job this father-of-four and grandfather-of-eight hates?

“Oh, lots of them. But I do them because I know they’ve got to be done, and the results will be worth it,” he said.

“And I think any sort of gardening is good therapy.

“I would recommend all your readers to give it a go!”

The Cousins’ garden will be open to the public as part of the National Gardens Scheme on June 7 and 10.

Graham also has a website about his garden at www.grahamsgreens.com.

Their show is scheduled for 8pm on Friday, January 23, where the Cousins compete for a Golden Trowel trophy.