Great British Garden Revival Series 2 – details of first 3 episodes

In GREAT BRITISH GARDEN REVIVAL, Britain’s favourite television gardening talent return to champion a gardening style or group of plants which they feel passionately about and are convinced belong in our gardens.

EPISODE 1: Roses (Rachel de Thame) & Climbers and Creepers (Joe Swift)  TUES 6TH JANUARY

In tonight’s show RACHEL DE THAME shares her love of old roses. In her revival she meets a nurseryman in Oxford involved in the restoration and conservation of old rose gardens; takes to the streets of Solihull with her pop-up rose garden and visits the most famous rose nursery in the UK, where a father and son team are at the cutting edge of rose breeding. Rachel guides us through the best old roses to grow in our gardens and shares her tips on how to plant a rose shrub.

Also in tonight’s show JOE SWIFT wants to dispel some of the myths which have grown up around climbers and creepers and shows us that with the right selection and a little bit of maintenance, they will suit any style of garden. On his revival he meets a university research team investigating the effects that climbing plants can have on our buildings; sizes up the longest wisteria in the country and finds out that climbing plants can also be productive on a visit to a co-operative vineyard in London. Throughout the show Joe guides us through some of his favourite climbers including clematis, honeysuckle, passion flowers and roses and demonstrate an easy and simple way to support climbing vegetables.

EPISODE 2: Daffodils (Carol Klein) & Blossom Trees and Shrubs (Chris Beardshaw) WEDS 7TH JANUARY

In tonight’s show CAROL KLEIN reveals that she is daft about daffodils. On her revival she uncovers the history of the UK daffodil industry on a visit to Cornwall’s Tamar Valley; takes to the streets of Falmouth and paints the town yellow; and meets a specialist bulb merchant in Somerset for a bit of daffodil hanky panky. Throughout the episode Carol shares her tips and advice on how easy it is to plant, grow and care for this wonderful spring flower.

Also in tonight’s show CHRIS BEARDSHAW is on the blossom campaign trail. On his revival he visits a man in the Scottish Borders who has restored a walled garden and created a living library of heritage fruit trees; takes to his bike on the blossom trail in Worcestershire and meets a woman in Edinburgh who has been campaigning to save the flowering cherry trees on her street from the chop. Chris gives his guide to the best blossoming trees and shrubs; shares his tips on how to plant a magnolia tree and shows us how a spot of pruning can keep blossom returning year after year.

EPISODE 3: Rhododendrons (James Wong) & Carnations (Christine Walkden) THURSDAY 8TH JANUARY

In tonight’s show JAMES WONG wants to revive a plant which has fallen deeply out of garden fashion – the rhododendron. On his revival he visits the Lost Gardens of Heligan to see species of rhododendron which have been saved from the edge of extinction; he meets a scientist who is bringing Victorian species back from the dead; and attempts to win over the people of Truro with dwarf varieties suitable for any garden. Throughout the show James shows us how we can grow rhododendrons even if we don’t have the right soil conditions,  gives his guide on how to recreate the magic of Himalayan planting at home and shares his tips on growing rhododendrons from cuttings.

Also in tonight’s show CHRISTINE WALKDEN wants to revive a garage forecourt favourite – the carnation. On her revival she visits a specialist nursery who have been growing carnations for over a hundred years; she heads to Gravetye Manor the former home of the esteemed botanist, gardener and champion of naturalistic planting – William Robinson and hits the streets in an attempt to bring back a forgotten tradition, the gentleman’s buttonhole. Christine also shows how to recreate the drama of the Alps by planting up a container with her favourite alpine species and shares her tips on how to grow carnations from seed.