GQ – In praise of Tom Kerridge

The golden age of TV is upon us with Breaking BadGame Of Thrones and House Of Cards  all contenders for 2013’s best show. But, as anyone who was watching BBC2 on Monday nights this autumn will tell you, the year’s mouth-watering televisual triumph was Proper Pub Food. No dragons, no conniving congressmen and no crank, just a man mountain of a super-chef called Tom Kerridge, scrumptious recipes and lashings and lashings of butter. No TV show drew more GQ water cooler conversation than Proper Pub Food  thanks to the Michelin-starred chef’s truly delicious but artery threatening dishes (sample snack: deep fried oysters). He’s back tonight on BBC2 at 8.30pm with Tom Kerridge Cooks Christmas – here are five reasons why you should tune in.

1. Aside, perhaps, from a cuddle from Kelly Brook, nothing is as cosy on a winter’s night as watching a really big man bound around cooking comfort food such as baked beans on soda bread toast and treacle-cured beef with Yorkshire puddings and road potatoes.

2. The Gloucestershire native has the coolest accent on television, with a West Country lilt that’s as deliciously thick and creamy as a wodge of butter. Favourite sayings, “All right, Chief” and “Well lush”. One viewing and you’ll be repeating them as you serve up food all Christmas long.

3. He uses beef dripping as a salad dressing. That is the most manly thing anyone has done this year.

4. His Hand & Flowers establishment in Marlow has two Michelin stars yet is still a proper  pub, and serves food to match. Plus, six days out of seven, you’re likely to find actually Kerridge cooking, and not just his name above the door.

5. Last year he contributed a recipe to GQ  called the Turducken, comprising, yes, you’ve guessed it, turkey, duck and chicken. That is the kind of triple threat to tempt you back for one more slice…

Tom Kerridge Cooks Christmas is on BBC2 at 8.30pm.